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  • What is included in this bond?
    Five School Replacements: Replace the worst condition schools: Cedar Heights Middle School, Explorer Academy, Discovery High School, Olalla Elementary, and South Colby Elementary Eliminate 43 portable classrooms Meet modern health and safety standards Add Early Learning Centers at South Colby and Olalla sites Community space included in new school design Safety & Capital Improvements: Emergency communication system upgrades Improve traffic access with separate family and bus areas Accessibility upgrades Improved parking lot lighting Replace heating and cooling systems for improved air circulation and energy efficiency Building exterior renovations Refresh school Interior finishes South Kitsap High School Renovation: Replace the oldest south wing with modern instructional space Rebuild general and special education classrooms Expand common areas Eliminate 10 portable classrooms Upgrade electrical systems to meet instructional technology needs Renovate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) classrooms, labs, and shops for career and technical learning To learn everything about what's included in this bond, visit:
  • Why do we need to approve this bond?
    School districts do not receive funding for school construction and rely on community support through voter approved bonds. South Kitsap's last successful bond measure was 35 years ago and was used to build Sidney Glen Elementary, Hidden Creek Elementary, and Mullenix Ridge Elementary. Every site in South Kitsap School District is in need of improvement. SKSD is hoping to address the most urgent school rebuilding and renovation needs without overburdening local taxpayers. This Bond is the first step to address all district sites over the next several years. It will replace five schools, eliminate 43 portable classrooms, renovate the oldest section of South Kitsap High School, and make safety upgrades and improvements districtwide. The Bond is for $271 million over 21 years and will return local school taxes to the 2022 rate.
  • What does this bond cost?
    The goal is for local school tax rate stability. If voters approve the bond, the goal is for the tax rate in 2024 to be about the same as what residents paid in 2022. South Kitsap School District estimates that the proposed bond for $271 million over 21 years would cost approximately $1.08 per thousand of assessed home value. A home valued at $500,000 would pay approximately $540 for the bond per year.
  • What if I am a senior or person living with disabilities on a fixed income and cannot afford this bond?
    Many seniors and people living with disabilities are eligible for property tax exemptions. To learn more about tax exemptions and find out if you are eligible, visit:
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